Motorbike riders love to ride freely in the nice summer weather.  To enjoy fully your freedom, just remember to wear your sunglasses so you will not have to rush to your favorite eye-doctor to have him remove bugs, scrap metal and other tiny UFOs.


The hospital is always open if you feel we are not proactive enough or cannot be reached.

Medical emergencies are clearly codified.  Depending on what you describe, we will do our best to schedule an « urgent » appointment.  Your condition might require an immediate visit in which case our scheduled patients will be delayed.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Daily, Dr Caubet ends his visits with « urgent » patients.

Only your « urgent » condition will be assessed  and taken care of.

Maybe you are one of them…

Remember to cancel your appointments when something unexpected comes up.

  • call +33 (0)4 93 99 22 02
  • send an email 24/7 through CONTACT at www.drcaubet.com
  • cancel online if you booked on line

Thanks to cancelations, we were able to rebook 400 patients.  Maybe you are one of the happy 400’s !

Our Waiting List

 We understand how frustrating it is to have to wait two months for an eye exam. 

 If you wish to be seen sooner, please ask to be placed on our waiting list.  Our secretaries will call you when a patient cancels his or her appointment.

 We do our best to help you.

Why does it take so long to see an eye-doctor?

It usually takes 90 days for an appointment.  Depending on the type of emergency you will of course be given a short notice appointment.  At my office it usually takes about 30 to 45 days.  Depending on the type of emergency, you will be given a same day appointment


The number of newly qualified ophthalmologists has been divided by four since 1990, too few to make up for the number of retirees leaving their practices.  48.6% of practicing eye physicians are over 55.


In 2016, French Medical schools offered only 149 openings in ophthalmology.  Between thirty and fifty eye specialists trained abroad are licensed by the French Medical Board each year.  Young ophthalmologists would rather work in hospitals or group practices.

On average, an eye doctor works fifty hours a week, 30% more than in 2000.

Sources :

Prise en charge des soins ophtalmologiques, Académie de Médecine.  Professeurs Arné, Dufier et al. (2013)

Les besoins en ophtalmologistes d’ici 2030.  Académie Française d’ophtalmologie. 2011 


Christmas and New Year

My staff and myself wish you happiness and the best of health. Be assured of my gratitude for your confidence.  In 2017, I will again do my best to meet your expectations.

On line appointments

On line medical appointments are becoming more and more common.

We would like to share the following information with you regarding our provider.

  • 1,500,000 medical patients are registered.  30,000 appointments are scheduled weekly.
  • Your personal data are neither shared nor sold.

We care about your health and your privacy.

Innovating cataract surgery

You are among the happy few in France who chose the extended range of vision intraocular lens.  Since the spring of 2015, I hear patients express amazement at how well they see.  Introducing innovative eyecare implies loyalty and a relation based on trust.  

A second chance with your glasses?

After your cataract surgery or your laser vision correction, you kindly turned in your former glasses.

They were sent to a High-School student association and were shipped to Africa.  There, they will be remodeled for people who are short sighted, far sighted or who suffer from astigmatism or presbyopia.

Thanks to your thoughtfulness people with visual defects will profit from an improved vision in their daily lives.  Thanks to you, they are given a second chance.

Dr. Emmanuel Caubet and Haute-Vision by eurolasik thank you for your generosity.

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